‘Shooting,’ ‘Bomb,’ ‘Trump’: Advertisers Blacklist News Stories Online – WSJ

Like many advertisers, Fidelity Investments wants to avoid advertising online near controversial content. The Boston-based financial-services company has a lengthy blacklist of words it considers off-limits. If one of those words is in an article’s headline, Fidelity won’t place an ad there. Its list earlier this year, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, contained more […]

If you let commenters go after your reporters, it hurts your credibility with other readers » Nieman Journalism Lab

Newsrooms: When you let your readers attack your reporters in the comments — U R SO BIAS YOU STUPID LIBTARD #FAKENEWS — does it impact your journalists’ credibility in the eyes of other readers? How about your organization’s credibility? Yep and yep. But at least it’s not worse for your female journalists than for your […]

The Odd (and Oddly Sweet) World of Obsessive Pornhub Commenters

Adult actress Natasha Nice is onscreen giving Alex Adams — who is not her step-brother, whatever the video title might promise — an impressively enthusiastic blowjob. Meanwhile, down in the comment section, people are talking about Jesus. The thread spirals on for another 35 comments. One includes an entire Latin prayer; there are also plenty of joking references to Satan and […]

The Complexity of Simply Searching For Medical Advice | WIRED

In the first few hours of a newborn’s life, doctors administer a vitamin K shot. This is because infants are born without enough of the vitamin, and the baby needs a boost to prevent any potential bleeding. This is a routine practice—ask your pediatrician, your obstetrician, or the CDC. “Babies are born with very low […]

The Outline Raises $5.15 Million to Fuel Measured Growth – WSJ

Joshua Topolsky, the chief executive of the Outline, doesn’t want his digital-media company to get too big too fast. The startup has closed a $5.15 million fundraising round, the company’s second, Mr. Topolsky said. The new financing values the Outline at $21.15 million, he said, up from the company’s $11 million valuation from the last […]

Don’t Put Your Keys Between Your Fingers for Self-Defense

Photo courtesy of Aimee Lutkin Even if they haven’t gone so far as to get formal self-defense training, many people (particularly women) have considered what strategies they’d deploy if they were attacked by a stranger. A popular thought is that one would use an object on your person as a weapon of defense—like keys, for […]

PewDiePie Show Canceled by Google’s YouTube – WSJ

YouTube canceled its top star’s show on Tuesday over his anti-Semitic jokes, complicating its efforts to court television advertisers while also retaining its edgy video stars. YouTube, a unit of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, distanced itself from its most popular creator—27-year-old Felix Kjellberg, who goes by PewDiePie—after The Wall Street Journal reported he made anti-Semitic jokes or showed Nazi imagery in […]

Why Young Women Play Down Their Career Goals Around Men – WSJ

Maybe you haven’t come such a long way, baby. Nearly two decades into the 21st century, young, professional women feel compelled to minimize their accomplishments and ambitions—but only if they are single, according to a new study of M.B.A. candidates. Young, single women are simultaneously operating in the labor market and the marriage market—and those spheres […]