On Nerd Entitlement

A few people have forwarded me MIT professor Scott Aaronson’s post about nerd trauma and male privilege (link here, it’s comment #171) It’s part of a larger discussion about sexism in STEM subjects, and its essence is simple. Aaronson’s position on feminism is supportive, but he can’t get entirely behind it because of his experiences […]

We Always Blame the Victim | Dame Magazine

Two stories dominating my social-media feeds of late have begun to run together in my mind: the nationwide protests against police brutality toward Black citizens, and the unfolding story of an alleged rape at University of Virginia, which may or may not have happened as reported in a recent Rolling Stone article. Both reveal our […]

I’m a victim of sexual assault and the law failed. How many of us must speak out for you to believe? | Megan Carpentier | Comment is free | The Guardian

“The lead attorney in my case asked me, ‘What do you want from us?’ I wanted them to do their jobs.” Photograph: Sipa Press / Rex Features I am not a victim of sexual assault. At least, I am not a victim of sexual assault according to the commonwealth of Virginia. Jesus Rivera, aka Vladamir […]