Harsh Life Lesson From Kirby

Some stats in life matter. Some don’t. In the kill-or-be-killed world of Team Kirby Clash, the co-op mini-game in the upcoming 3DS side-scroller Kirby Robobot, your stamina, attack, recovery and team meteor stats matter. But the game’s got jokes and/or hidden profundity. When you level up in the mini-game, the game mentioned upgrades to other […]

Giant Alligator Spotted on Florida Golf Course : snopes.com

  Claim: A video shows a giant alligator walking across a Florida golf course. TRUE Example: [Collected via e-mail, May 2016] This article reports what appears to be a gigantic alligator on a golf course in Florida. This being Florida, I can see where it might be true. However, this is one huge freakin’ alligator. […]

Why Do So Many Fairy Tales Feature Magical Shoes? – Racked

In “The Wearing and Shedding of Enchanted Shoes,” Isabel Cardigos, Director of the Research Centre at the Centro de Estudos Ataíde Oliveira in Portugal, wrote, “Shoes are paradoxical objects in that they constrict feet and yet free them to cover greater distances in space.” Indeed, fictional shoes enable “positive” transformation in women’s lives, but the […]