Overwatch Map Glitch Reveals Entire Second Map

Ever gaze into the hoary peaks of Overwatch’s Nepal map and wonder what’s out there? What lies beyond the map space’s endless combat purgatory, Blizzard’s tiny death island? A couple Overwatch players managed to break free. Here’s what they found. In this video, hulkman503 and friend of hulkman503 demonstrate how to break outside Nepal’s usual […]

Where Did Drake’s “Jamaican” Accent Come From?

“Cock up yuh bumpa, siddung pon it!” I knew the words, but they were coming from an unfamiliar voice. Drake’s quick interpolation of Popcaan’s 2014 hit “Love Yuh Bad” on Views’ “Too Good” felt stilted, an awkward attempt to reconcile the fact that Poppy was missing from the album’s cut of “Controlla.” For many American […]