Google Employee Writes Memo About ‘The Burden of Being Black at Google’ – VICE

In a memo he sent before leaving the company, a former Google employee criticized the internet giant and its employees, noting that he regularly encountered racism during his experience as a Black worker at the company. The memo, obtained by Motherboard, is titled “The Weight of Silence,” and argues that Google is lacking in diversity, […]

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Is Not for Women: Review

At a Cannes Film Festival press conference in May, the New York Times culture writer Farah Nayeri observed that Quentin Tarantino hadn’t given many lines to Margot Robbie, one of the stars of the movie he was promoting, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “I guess that was a deliberate choice on your part, and […]

New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ in 2050 – VICE

A harrowing scenario analysis of how human civilization might collapse in coming decades due to climate change has been endorsed by a former Australian defense chief and senior royal navy commander. The analysis, published by the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, a think-tank in Melbourne, Australia, describes climate change as “a near- to mid-term […]

AirPods Are a Tragedy

AirPods are a product of the past. They’re plastic, made of some combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, and sulfur. They’re tungsten, tin, tantalum, lithium, and cobalt. The particles that make up these elements were created 13.8 billion years ago, during the Big Bang. Humans extract these elements from the earth, heat them, refine […]

New Avengers: Endgame Trailer Sees the Team United Once More

  The battle against Thanos begins once more. GIF: Avengers: Endgame (Marvel Studios) Trailer FrenzyA special place to find the newest trailers for movies and TV shows you’re craving.   Earth’s mightiest heroes—what’s left of them, at least—stand united, for one last fight. Marvel just dropped another surprise new Avengers: Endgame teaser out of nowhere, and […]

Emma Stone’s Cruella de Vil Movie Gets a Fitting Director | Vanity Fair

Craig Gillespie, who helmed the wickedly good I, Tonya, is in talks to direct the upcoming origin story. react-text: 216 /react-text By Mike Marsland/Getty. Cruella de Vil is officially coming back to life. Nearly three years after it was first reported that Disney was kicking around the idea of a Cruella origin story—a film similar […]

Jordan Peele Says “I Don’t See Myself Casting a White Dude as the Lead” After ‘Us’ | Hollywood Reporter

On Monday, as the town buzzed about new box office records set by Us, the film’s 40-year-old director, Jordan Peele, was not wiling away the hours in a Universal lot bungalow fielding congratulatory calls from studio execs. Peele was on a cramped stage in East Hollywood at improv mecca Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the starriest guest […]

‘Us’: Jordan Peele’s New Movie Is Gloriously Complex – The Atlantic

The rest of Us takes place more than 30 years after that incident at the haunted house. The little girl is now a grown woman, Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o), who’s married to an adorable lunkhead named Gabe (Winston Duke) with whom she has two kids, Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason (Evan Alex). The Wilsons […]

Goose, the cat from Captain Marvel, is the star of a new, very nice meme

Photo: Waring Abbott (Getty Images) The writers, director, producers, and publicists behind Captain Marvel have done a lot of work to position their new movie as the story of a superpowered human being. Despite their best efforts, though, the internet understands that, really, everything in the film unrelated to its most notable character, an alien […]