Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream of a Silicon Reich

One day in March of this year, a Google engineer named Justine Tunney created a strange and ultimately doomed petition at the White House website. The petition proposed a three-point national referendum, as follows: 1. Retire all government employees with full pensions. 2. Transfer administrative authority to the tech industry. 3. Appoint [Google executive chairman] […]

Geek Celebrities Can Help Shut Down Vitriolic Fan Behavior

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson attends the SXSW premiere of behind-the-scenes doc The Director and The Jedi. Photo: Jesse Grant (Getty) If you’ve spent literally any time on the internet interacting with fans of pretty much any genre franchise, like Ghostbusters, Star Trek, or Star Wars, then you know that what begins […]

Black Mirror season 4, “USS Callister” recap: nerd fantasies are a trap – Vox

This article is a recap of Black Mirror’s season four episode “USS Callister.” It contains spoilers and discussion regarding the episode’s plot. “USS Callister” is maybe the most hopeful Black Mirror episode this side of “San Junipero.” The premise: Everybody will be happier after white men die. The white men who are good will bravely sacrifice ourselves so that the people of color and […]

From Tape Drives to Memory Orbs, the Data Formats of Star Wars Suck (Spoilers) | Motherboard

  Rogue One is a great addition to the Star Wars universe because it takes a glaringly stupid plot mechanism—the exhaust port vulnerability in the Death Star—and attributes it to an architect’s sabotage. One of the dumbest things about the Star Wars franchise then becomes something sad, poignant, and believable. But Rogue One also raises […]

Dungeons & Dragons’ Gradual Shift Away From Monster Boobs

Dungeons & Dragons has historically used attractive monsters, and especially of the female persuasion, to appeal to potential players. Busty demons and lithe wood maidens populated its source material, namely its Monster Manual, throughout the last 40 years. With recent editions and supplements, D&D has phased out its bare-breasted female monsters and included more sexy […]