Why isn’t your old phone getting Nougat? There’s blame enough to go around | Ars Technica

Enlarge / Another Android update means another stack of phones that will never see it. cache hit 59:single/related:ee51956cd1ad0e29f24f61e99b0c8480 empty Not all of the big Android phone makers have announced their plans for the Nougat update, but if you look at Sony’s and Google’s and HTC’s official lists (as well as the supplemental lists being published […]

They want to destroy Leslie Jones: Harassment targeting “Ghostbusters” star exposes the ugliness driving the new right – Salon.com

Even for someone who has been researching and writing about misogyny for over a decade, it is hard to comprehend the level of obsessive hate that had to go into the attack on actress Leslie Jones. The 48-year-old comedian and actress became a big star over the summer, with her breakout role in “Ghostbusters” and her […]

At Its Centennial Anniversary, the U.S. National Park Service Tries to Diversify Its Visitors and Workforce – CityLab

At its milestone centennial, the National Park Service wrestles with how to diversify its visitors and workforce. Looking over the National Park Service’s first 100 years, we find a federal agency that, like many U.S. institutions, got off to a severely rocky start in terms of racial inclusion. These national parks were carved out, in […]