I reported on Washington’s biggest party for journalists. Now I’m an outcast. – The Washington Post

The White House Correspondents’ Association’s annual dinner has grown into a nearly week long event. In the documentary “Nerd Prom: Inside Washington’s Wildest Week” Patrick Gavin exposes a private world of excess and extravagance surrounding the celebration. (Patrick Gavin) During last year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, I remember nodding along with my television set when Christi Parsons, […]

Is @ProfJeffJarvis Twitter’s best parody or its least repentant troll? Possibly a bit of both. – The Washington Post

(Twitter) For more than four years, the much-beloved Twitter account @ProfJeffJarvis has skewered and satirized the “thinkfluencers” of the Web. But in a the next few days, the handle will disappear. Its creator is finally changing it. Rurik Bradbury, the man behind @ProfJeffJarvis, hopes the name change will settle his raging four-year fight with the real Professor Jarvis. Jarvis, a […]

Enough — Redefining Rude — Medium

I finally had it tonight. Again. The parody account that uses my name showed up as the byline on a piece at Esquire that praised a ridiculous and much-ridiculed op-ed in which Jim VandeHei called for a third-party candidacy led by Mark Zuckerberg. VendeHei’s op-ed was self-parody enough but that didn’t stop Esquire and this […]

East Village – This East Village Eatery Has Side-By-Side Toilets to Ward Off Loneliness – Neighborhood News – DNAinfo New York

    The Cloister Cafe’s men’s room, where stalls are enemies of friendship. View Full Caption Aram Zucker-Scharff Are you and your best friend close? The Cloister Cafe gets you. The medieval-themed restaurant and hookah bar at 238 E. Ninth Street has placed its toilets in their bathrooms side-by-side, uninhibited by walls — so that you and your […]

Teatox Party – Racked

A few months later, requests for sponsored posts from brands of all kinds began to trickle in. Among those getting in touch with Trigg were companies that sold tea promising to detoxify your body; they were called teatoxes. First, brands reached out through email, and then through Instagram itself, once direct messaging was introduced. “The […]

Why We Need Zero Hedge

Bloomberg reporters Tracy Alloway and Luke Kawa managed to get one of Zero Hedge’s ex-employees to tell them some inside stuff about what it’s like to write for the site. It’s a big story on the financial web today. Zero Hedge clapped back with a deeper look at the disgruntled ex-employee’s background and possible motives […]