Advice for the End of the World

Illustration: Jim Cooke (G/O Media) For former Jezebel staffer Ellie Shechet, it is nearly always time to freak out. Doom—personal, professional, planetary—awaits, beckoning at the wings. No one has exactly asked for her advice, but we gave her a column anyway. Advice for the End of the World is a limited edition advice column for […]

The Kavanaugh Accusations: What Teens Think – The Atlantic

As soon as Christine Blasey Ford went public with her accusation that the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when the two were teens, a chorus of conservative political commentators came to his defense. Some of them aimed primarily to sow doubt about Ford’s story, but others weighed the accusations, only to conclude that the […]

The Odd (and Oddly Sweet) World of Obsessive Pornhub Commenters

Adult actress Natasha Nice is onscreen giving Alex Adams — who is not her step-brother, whatever the video title might promise — an impressively enthusiastic blowjob. Meanwhile, down in the comment section, people are talking about Jesus. The thread spirals on for another 35 comments. One includes an entire Latin prayer; there are also plenty of joking references to Satan and […]

After My Ex Stalked Me Online, I Saw The Dark Side Of Romantic Obsession – Broadly

Thanks to a childhood spent watching romantic comedies with forceful male leads, I thought love was persistent and never gave up—until my ex stalked me after our breakup. Illustration by Calum Heath Every year, women in the UK are murdered by stalkers and domestic abusers—despite previously reporting them to the police. Unfollow Me is a […]