The Post-Dirtbag Left | The New Yorker

The Post-Dirtbag Left For years, “Chapo Trap House” and other podcasts have paired anti-capitalist ideas with the rhetorical style of social media. Is a new form emerging? July 26, 2021 Two shows harness a progressive energy, but they differ sharply in affect.Illustration by Miguel Porlan On the evening of January 6th, while National Guard troops were […]

The Washington Post’s Aram Zucker-Scharff: You can’t solve transparency by adding more technology – Digiday

Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | Anchor For many, digital media’s ills are down to broken ad tech and the system propping it up. Adam Zucker-Scharff, director of ad tech at the Washington Post, says it’s more complicated than simply fixing the plumbing: Advertisers are going to have to work at making ad […]

The Washington Post wants to figure out the best places to put ads in your favorite podcasts » Nieman Journalism Lab

Editor’s note: Hot Pod is a newsletter on the podcasting industry written by Nick Quah; we happily share it with Nieman Lab readers each Tuesday. Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 168, published July 10, 2018. Into the Woods. The rollout for Crooked Media’s first audio documentary, The Wilderness, began […]

Washington Post Builds Tech That Dynamically Inserts Ads Into Podcasts | AdExchanger

Inserting fresh ads into podcasts is challenging and time-consuming. An online article loads fresh ads every time a page loads. But in the podcasting world, readers download content and ads together, which means the two must be stitched together beforehand. Because of this challenge, many older podcasts run with no ads or stale ones, even […]

How NPR Continues to Develop Its Podcasting Ad Game With Data and Branded Content – Adweek

There may not be a traditional media brand that has its podcasting vehicle firing on all cylinders like 46-year-old NPR, which sponsored the Rain Podcast Business Summit in New York on Wednesday. NPR is monetizing the space with ad sales and strategic branded content partnerships. But what’s more interesting is that the organization wants to change how […]

‘Missing Richard Simmons,’ the Morally Suspect Podcast – The New York Times

The logo for the “Missing Richard Simmons” podcast by Dan Taberski. For decades, the fitness guru Richard Simmons was Hollywood’s most accessible celebrity. He was a talk show fixture, a leader of weight loss cruises and an instructor of $12 classes at his Beverly Hills workout studio, Slimmons. He greeted tour buses in front of […]

Radio: The return of “Serial” | The Economist

HOW do you follow up on a phenomenon? At the end of its first series “Serial”, presented by Sarah Koenig and affiliated to “This American Life”, had become the most popular podcast in the world. It was the first to reach 5m downloads from iTunes, and each episode reached about 2.2m pairs of ears. The […]