Google Employee Writes Memo About ‘The Burden of Being Black at Google’ – VICE

In a memo he sent before leaving the company, a former Google employee criticized the internet giant and its employees, noting that he regularly encountered racism during his experience as a Black worker at the company. The memo, obtained by Motherboard, is titled “The Weight of Silence,” and argues that Google is lacking in diversity, […]

New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ in 2050 – VICE

A harrowing scenario analysis of how human civilization might collapse in coming decades due to climate change has been endorsed by a former Australian defense chief and senior royal navy commander. The analysis, published by the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, a think-tank in Melbourne, Australia, describes climate change as “a near- to mid-term […]

AirPods Are a Tragedy

AirPods are a product of the past. They’re plastic, made of some combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, and sulfur. They’re tungsten, tin, tantalum, lithium, and cobalt. The particles that make up these elements were created 13.8 billion years ago, during the Big Bang. Humans extract these elements from the earth, heat them, refine […]

Netflix’s Bright Future Looks A Lot Like Television’s Dim Past

Back and forth forever. Illustration: Angelica Alzona In 1995, the Emmy nominees for Best Drama were Chicago Hope, ER, Law & Order, NYPD Blue, and The X-Files. In 1996, the Emmy nominees for Best Drama were Chicago Hope, ER, Law & Order, NYPD Blue, and The X-Files. In 1997, the Emmy nominees for Best Drama […]

This Is What It Takes for a Trump Voter to Change Their Mind – VICE

“What does it take for a Donald Trump voter to renounce their decision?” is a question worth exploring as 2020 approaches, especially considering the fervency of his followers, who often seem less interested in policy, and more fixated on the bogus immigration threat and alleged conspiracies against their beloved leader. On Monday, the Washington Post […]

All The Dating Apps, Ranked by How Badly They’ll Disappoint You – VICE

This article originally appeared on VICE UK. Every single and lonely millennial is on at least two dating apps. Without them, it would be impossible to meet someone at a Time Out-approved Bavarian beer hall pop-up and split an Uber home for profoundly disappointing sex. The amount of rutting you can actually get done off […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Already Breaking the Rules – VICE

Ever since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the fiery Democratic Socialist from the Bronx, toppled the ten-term incumbent in her New York district, analysts have wondered whether she can be as much of a renegade in Washington as she was on the campaign trail. So far, all signs suggest she will be. In the mere week since Ocasio-Cortez […]

Marsha Cooke Guarantees Darwyn Thought “Comics Gate Idiots Were A Bunch Of Crybaby Losers Ruining Comics”

Darwyn Cooke’s widow isn’t letting anyone put words in his mouth. Source: Twitter Surprisingly, some members of ComicsGate have the belief that what they’re doing is benefiting the comics industry as a whole. Among their ranks they include comics professionals Ethan Van Sciver, Jon Malin, and or so they thought, Darwyn Cooke. Unsurprisingly, Marsha Cooke, Darwyn’s widow, shot that […]

Rent in Brooklyn Is Finally Kind of Sort of Going Down a Little Thanks to the L Train Shutdown – VICE

Getty Images. Photo by Drew Angerer In early 2019 the L train in New York City will shut down for 15 months to repair damage caused during Hurricane Sandy. Leading up to the closure, VICE will be providing relevant updates and proposals, as well as profiles of community members and businesses along the affected route […]

Please Stop Making TV Shows About Journalism, Which Is a Boring Job

The cable channel FX announced today that it is launching a weekly documentary series focusing on the inner workings of the New York Times. This is not to be confused with the new Showtime documentary series about the New York Times. Unfortunately for these desperate, gullible TV executives: media is fucking boring. Do you think […]