That Game on Your Phone May Be Tracking What You’re Watching on TV – The New York Times

Android screenshots of the app Honey Quest, which uses technology that keeps tabs on the viewing habits of its users. At first glance, the gaming apps — with names like “Pool 3D,” “Beer Pong: Trickshot” and “Real Bowling Strike 10 Pin” — seem innocuous. One called “Honey Quest” features Jumbo, an animated bear. Yet these […]

Video Games Are Destroying the People Who Make Them – The New York Times

Credit Rebekka Dunlap Among video game developers, it’s called “crunch”: a sudden spike in work hours, as many as 20 a day, that can last for days or weeks on end. During this time, they sleep at work, limit bathroom breaks and cut out anything that pulls their attention away from their screens, including family […]

Nintendo Switch, and the Unconventional Hype for an Unusual Game Console – The New York Times

  Gamers tried out the coming Nintendo Switch video game console in Tokyo in January. Credit Richard Atrero de Guzman/NurPhoto, via Getty Images Every few years, one of the big video game companies comes out with a new box that it wants consumers to make space for in their living rooms. These systems, known as […]