Publishers: Your Press Events Are Not Esports – Waypoint

EA’s pre-E3 (pre3?) press conference came and went with all the fanfare of a trip through a Wendy’s drive-through, despite Janina Gavankar’s valiant efforts to hype the audience for Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s probably-gonna-be-fine campaign mode. Much of the presentation’s audible thud could be attributed to the extended Battlefront 2 multiplayer demonstration, which came complete […]

Everyone Seems Ready to Rip ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ to Shreds – Waypoint

In the few days since Electronic Arts and BioWare let fans start playing the first 10 hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda, I suspect things haven’t gone according to their internal marketing plan. Instead of people sharing the cool moments they’re having in space, they’re retweeting the awkward animations and various examples of a lax attention to detail. […]

Binding of Isaac Racing Is Back From the Dead

Back in 2013, Binding of Isaac fans turned the single-player game into a competitive pastime where multiple players raced against each other, live. Races involve two players facing off simultaneously, side-by-side, with each running through the game as fast as they can. That scene faded for a while, but now it’s making a big comeback on Twitch. […]

League of Legends Fan Channel Hit with Shady DMCA Takedowns

Riot Games has the right to issue Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices for any League of Legends footage that appears without their permission online. But thus far, Riot’s been relatively hesitant to do so. This week, one YouTuber in particular has seen some League of Legends videos go up on the chopping block, and Riot Games has yet […]

Pro Overwatch Player Wrecks Entire Team’s Defense With Sneaky Lucio Boop

In the $100k Tespa Collegiate Champion Finals, Overwatch player Funanah used Lucio’s “Boop” to steal an early lead in a match. It was a play so good that it seemed to demoralize his opponents into losing the whole thing. The Boop, as many of you already know, is Lucio’s Soundwave move—it can push people to […]

Dota 2 Pro Makes Clutch Play From Beyond The Grave

Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg probably didn’t expect to stumble into the entire enemy team while near his home base in the dwindling minutes of the Pit League Season 5 quarterfinals, but it didn’t matter either. Some quick thinking allowed him to secure the win for Evil Genius even after dying. Evil Geniuses may have had the […]