The Ad Contrarian: From Amazing To Appalling

It was all going to be so amazing. It all sounded so great. Advertising was going to be amazing.People weren’t going to just look at online ads, they were going to interact with them. People were going to go online and “join the conversation” about our brands and start their own conversations. And these conversations […]

Fusion Media: If You Make a Good Ad, We’ll Give You Bonus Ad Space – WSJ

Many publishers believe consumers would pay more attention to online ads if they were just better. Now Fusion Media Group is acting on that sentiment: It is trying out a new system that rewards advertisers that make the most engaging ads by giving them bonus impressions. The Univision-owned digital media company, whose 12 sites include […]

PewDiePie Show Canceled by Google’s YouTube – WSJ

YouTube canceled its top star’s show on Tuesday over his anti-Semitic jokes, complicating its efforts to court television advertisers while also retaining its edgy video stars. YouTube, a unit of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, distanced itself from its most popular creator—27-year-old Felix Kjellberg, who goes by PewDiePie—after The Wall Street Journal reported he made anti-Semitic jokes or showed Nazi imagery in […]

Why Medium Failed to Disrupt the Media – Bloomberg View

  Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, spent five years building Medium into one of the slickest publishing platforms on the web. Yet he found himself in traditional-publishing purgatory on Wednesday, cutting 50 employees and searching for a new business model. There could be no better proof that delivery methods matter little and content is king. […]

Startup Advertising’s Occasional Collision With The Truth – Mattermark

tl;dr: An insurance-related startup named EverQuote was accused of misleading consumers. Mattermark investigates. When money is at stake and transacting parties have asymmetric information, there’s opportunity for exploitation. Companies can take advantage of in-the-dark investors, just as investors can pull a fast one on companies. Hence the phrase “vulture capitalists.” Recently, a fast-growing startup’s misleading advertising campaign, timed […]

Methbot Scam Is Just the Tip of the Ad Fraud Iceberg

.entry-header December 20, 2016, 6:35 PM EST E-mail Tweet Facebook Linkedin Share icons In what appears to be the largest digital advertising scam in history, a group of Russian hackers reportedly built a click-fraud machine that stole up to $5 million daily from top advertisers and publishers. But even that is just the tip of […]