Platform Companies Are Becoming More Powerful — but What Exactly Do They Want? – The New York Times

Platform Companies Are Becoming More Powerful — but What Exactly Do They Want? close story-meta-footer close story-meta Photo Credit Illustration by Andrew Rae During a February ride in San Francisco, Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of Uber, was recorded arguing with and eventually berating an Uber driver from the back seat of his car. The […]

Uber president Jeff Jones steps down – BBC News

Image copyright ReutersImage caption The departure of its president has reportedly come as a shock to Uber’s executives Uber president Jeff Jones is leaving the company after less than six months. A source at the taxi booking app told the BBC the resignation was “completely unexpected”. They said Mr Jones was frustrated the company was […]

Germany to force Facebook, Twitter to delete hate speech | Germany | DW.COM | 14.03.2017

  The German government has announced new plans to force social media sites to delete hate speech and fake news. Justice Minister Heiko Maas said Facebook and Twitter had failed to regulate themselves. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has revealed details of a new plan to curb hate speech and fake news on social media […]

Brain drain – The Verge

Genius, which raised $56.9 million on the promise that it would one day annotate the entire internet, has been losing its minds. In January, the company quietly laid off a quarter of its staff, with the bulk of the cuts coming from the engineering department. In a post on the Genius blog at the time, […]

Corporate database leak exposes millions of contact details

They include over 100,000 military personnel. A 52.2GB corporate database that has leaked online compromises the contact details over 33.7 million employees in the United States. The list includes government workers, most of whom are soldiers and other military personnel from the Department of Defense. According to ZDNet, the database came from business services firm Dun […]

Donald Trump Is in Trouble for Deleting His Tweets

President Donald Trump, a thousand sausages held together with duct tape, sure loves to tweet. He does it to share news, to both threaten and congratulate people, and to fill the pre-dawn hours before his handlers help him change out of his bathrobe. While a master of the destabilizing 140-character missive, Trump has not yet […]

An Anti-Immigration Website Posted A Video Of Indian Families Hanging Out In A Park – BuzzFeed News

  In the aftermath of the deadly Kansas shooting of Indian-born engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an immigration reform advocacy website that features photos and a video of Indian families relaxing in suburban Columbus, Ohio, has Indian immigrant communities across the country worried, with some unwilling to travel outside the towns where they live. The site,, […]