Merkel ‘explained’ convention to Trump in phone call | World news | The Guardian

Donald Trump’s executive order to halt travel from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia – has provoked a wave of concern and condemnation from international leaders and politicians. A spokesman for Angela Merkel said the German chancellor regretted Trump’s decision to ban citizens of certain countries from entering the […]

Why Medium Failed to Disrupt the Media – Bloomberg View

  Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, spent five years building Medium into one of the slickest publishing platforms on the web. Yet he found himself in traditional-publishing purgatory on Wednesday, cutting 50 employees and searching for a new business model. There could be no better proof that delivery methods matter little and content is king. […]

Several killed in what German police say appears to be truck attack | Reuters

BERLIN Several people were killed and up to 50 injured when a truck plowed into a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday evening, the Berliner Morgenpost reported. German media said police on the ground were saying first indications were that the incident was an attack. (Reporting by Michael Nienaber; Writing by Robin […]

The Frankfurt School Knew Trump Was Coming – The New Yorker

With the election of Donald Trump, the latent threat of American authoritarianism—identified decades ago by German intellectuals—is on the verge of being realized. Credit PHOTOGRAPH BY DAMON WINTER / THE NEW YORK TIMES / REDUX Barrier Status: ‘none’ Shortly after the Presidential election, a small piece of good news came over the wire: the Thomas Mann […]

Blood money: How your 401k profits from bombing Yemen  –

An exclusive investigation by has traced the manufacture and shipping of bomb components from the European Union to the United Arab Emirates, and also discovered the use of bombs made by the European manufacturer in attacks by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, where potentially unlawful civilian deaths have been documented. The Germany-based manufacturer of the bomb components, Rheinmetall AG, is […]