PUBG explosion shows fickle nature of esports – SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal | SportsBusiness Daily Global

Editor’s note: This story is revised from the print editionA funny thing happened this year as investors dove into esports, chasing eight-figure franchises in the Overwatch League and the “League of Legends” League Championship Series: A new game came out of nowhere to win the hearts and minds of fans. Launched in beta mode by […]

Elite: Dangerous Players Split On Whether They Should Kill Aliens

Image credit: Frontier. Last week, Elite: Dangerous’ mysterious aliens finally went on the offensive after months of poking and probing. Now, players have figured out how to fight back, but not everybody’s feeling super rah-rah-rah gung-ho about it. Over the weekend, notorious Elite player Joshua “Harry Potter” Chamberlain and his Smiling Dog Crew managed to […]

Esports Team Jerseys Keep Getting More Athletic

SK Gaming’s Counter-Strike team celebrating their first place win at the Intel Extreme Masters 2005 (image via SK Gaming) In the early 2000s, pro gamers had much simpler uniforms. They wore cotton hoodies and T-shirts while competing for prize pools that were in the tens of thousands of dollars, rather than the hundreds of thousands. […]

Opinion: We Need To Talk About PewDiePie – Features –

Yesterday, Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, uttered a racial slur while streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. We wrote a news piece about it. The responses to the article were a mixed bag. There were plenty of readers who were appalled and disturbed by the instance. However, in the past 24 hours, supporters have come to Kjellberg’s defense, saying […]

New things. | Polygon

Ok, deep breath.   My last day at Polygon will be August 15th.   I’ve been deliberating how to write that for literally months, but there it is. I’m leaving Polygon, which I helped to co-found in 2012.   I’m not leaving for a job at another outlet, which would be totally fine, or to […]

Civ 6, EUIV and Endless Legend designers on how their strategy games create the illusion of a world | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Big, slow, sweeping strategy games expose their rules in a way no other game does. Call of Duty doesn’t have floating numbers above enemy heads, telling you their movement speed, for example. But in most 4X and grand strategy games, there is no attempt to hide exactly how everything works: the stats, their interactions, are […]