Your App Isn’t Helping The People Of Saudi Arabia

On March 15, 2002, 15 Saudi girls burned to death inside their school in Mecca. They were not trapped by fallen debris, or unaccounted for by firefighters. The mutaween, Saudi Arabia’s religious police, would not allow the girls to leave their burning school because they were not covering their hair or wearing their abayas. The […]

Bill O’Reilly’s “white establishment” comments ignite firestorm over his bald-faced racism

Bill O’Reilly’s “white establishment” comments ignite firestorm over his bald-faced racism Fox News host Bill O’Reilly went on a white supremacism-laden rant Tuesday night, saying that the effort to abolish the Electoral College is an attempt by “the left” to take away power from the “white establishment.” O’Reilly went on to denounce Democrats for being […]

How a Photo of a File Cabinet Led to a Fascinating New York Times Correction | Washingtonian

An unusual correction now rides below the New York Times’s major story about Russian hacking in the November 8 election: “An earlier version of the main photograph with this article, of a filing cabinet and computer at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, should not have been published,” it says. That’s a significant admission from any publisher. […]

What makes celebrity meltdowns entertainment instead of tragedy? | David Ferguson | Opinion | The Guardian

When I was in my 20s, I remember my therapist patiently listening to me complain about how out-of-my-depth I often felt around other gay men. I was asking her why they always seemed so effortlessly aloof and cool, whereas I was – and to some extent, still am – a slobbering golden retriever of a […]

Why do we give robots female names? Because we don’t want to consider their feelings

Why are so many robots designed to resemble women? The question is becoming inescapable as more and more AIs, which do not need to have a gender, appear on the market with female voices and female faces, including Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and a new wave of uncannily lifelike sexbots marketed almost exclusively to men. […]