Video shows group topple iconic Ore. sandstone pedestal |


In a matter of seconds, Pedestal Rock at Cape Kiwanda on Oregon’s coast was no more.

Erosion didn’t claim the famous formation. Video appears to show vandals doing it, and David Kalas said he caught them in the act.

“It’s just like such a slap in the face, you know what I mean,” Kalas said.

Kalas and his friend Michael Kel went to Pacific City, Ore. Aug. 29 to fly a recently-purchased drone.

“You can see it in the drone and then we heard a bunch of loud noises coming from around eight people that are sitting next to rock,” Kalas said.

Those eight people, Kalas said, were yelling that they were going to topple the rock.

“All eight of them got it to, you know, wobble, then five of them backed off and the other three kept going, kept going, kept pushing. That’s when I decided to record it and I saw them actually topple the rock,” Kalas said.

The apparent vandals said, “Got him,” referring to the rock.

“They were just standing on top of the rubble of the rock, just like laughing, smiling, giggling,” Kalas said.

Infuriated, Kalas and Kel confronted them.

“I asked them, you know, why they knocked the rock down and the reply I got was: their buddy broke their leg earlier because of that rock and that’s why they toppled it down,” Kalas said. “They basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazard and that they did the world or Oregon a favor that they knocked it down.”

Salt in the wound for Kalas- and for many Oregonians.

“It’s just gone,” Kel said. “That view that you had, is not going to be there for people to enjoy.”

Kalas and Kel thought about calling police, but by the time they turned around, all eight people were gone.

“They just knocked it over, took a couple of pictures on top of it, laughed it off and left,” Kalas said.

Kalas and Kel said they do not know the people in the video and knew nothing about their intentions.

They said they would like them to be identified so they can learn a lesson.

Video shows group topple iconic Ore. sandstone pedestal |

Source: Video shows group topple iconic Ore. sandstone pedestal |