The Tech Superstars Never Went Through Cash Like Today’s Big Burners | Fortune

Here’s an argument you hear a lot: the gigantic cash burn rates at the likes of Tesla and Uber are nothing new, because today’s established tech greats also churned through tons of cash in their early years. In fact, we keep hearing from champions of these glamor stocks on business TV shows and pundits’ blogs […]

Uber’s Mysterious New Business Looks a Lot Like a Temp Agency | Vanity Fair

react-text: 220 /react-text Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg. Onstage at last week’s New Establishment Summit, C.E.O. Dara Khosrowshahi, who has been tasked with taking Uber public, made a point of highlighting the company’s meal-delivery service as one of the most promising components of Uber’s ride-hailing business. Indeed, when Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs valued the company at up […]

Behind the scenes at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s tech extravaganza –

  hearst/templates/premium/article/content/gallery.tpl e hearst/templates/premium/article/content/gallery.tpl It was the week before Dreamforce, the conference extravaganza organized by Salesforce, and the tech company’s design team was listening to a recording of animals chirping and cooing in the woods. “I’m wondering if we could tone down the woodpecker a little,” said Brigitte Donner, chairwoman of Dreamforce, which will fill […]

Uber Loses Human Resources Head in Latest High-Profile Departure – Bloomberg

LISTEN TO ARTICLE 2:26 SHARE THIS ARTICLE  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Email In this article 0084207D UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC Private Company USD Uber Technologies Inc.’s head of human resources has resigned, becoming the latest high-profile executive to depart a ride-hailing giant only just emerging from a year of internal upheaval. Liane Hornsey’s exit came after an anonymous employee, […]

Eastline project, bigger than Salesforce Tower, seeks to transform Oakland –

Two blocks north of Oakland’s 19th Street BART Station are a shuttered burger stand, a public parking garage and short commercial buildings. The barren site at 2100 Telegraph Ave. could turn into one of the largest developments the city has ever seen. Named Eastline by its backers, the 1.57 million-square-foot office project would be bigger, […]

Uber disabled emergency braking in self-driving car: U.S. agency | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Uber had disabled an emergency braking system in a self-driving vehicle that struck and killed a woman in Arizona in March even though the car had identified the need to apply the brakes, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a preliminary report released on Thursday. The report into the first fatal […]

Arianna Huffington Is the Biggest Scammer Alive

Getty Arianna Huffington was supposed to be Uber’s high-powered savior. When former Uber employee Susan Fowler came forward with an explosive piece last February detailing the ingrained culture of sexism at the company, Uber recruited Huffington, its only female board member, to help tackle the problem. Huffington told reporters that “going forward there can be […]

Silicon Valley’s Dumbest ‘Inventions’ of 2017

If 2016 was the year of “Uber for X,” 2017 was the year of Silicon Valley “inventing” things. The tech industry officially ran out of ideas this year. Rather than tacking on some tech element to things that already exist, it edged closer to just renaming the things that already exist. To be fair to […]

Uber’s Massive Scraping Program Collected Data About Competitors Around The World

Illustration: Jim Cooke/GMG For years, Uber systemically scraped data from competing ride-hailing companies all over the world, harvesting information about their technology, drivers, and executives. Uber gathered information from these firms using automated collection systems that ran constantly, amassing millions of records, and sometimes conducted physical surveillance to complement its data collection. Uber’s scraping efforts […]