Facebook Bans Honest Signal Ads on Instagram

A series of Instagram ads run by the privacy-positive platform Signal got the messaging app booted from the former’s ad platform, according to a blog post Signal published on Tuesday. The ads were meant to show users the bevy of data that Instagram and its parent company Facebook collects on users, by… targeting those users […]

Instagram Memers Are Unionizing – The Atlantic

Instagram memers have had enough. They generate the engagement that helps keep Instagram growing—but, they argue, the multibillion-dollar platform doesn’t pay them for their work, or give them any control. So they’re fighting back. And before you write off IG Meme Union Local 69-420 as a joke, the organizers of the collective would like you […]

Instagram Is Full of Conspiracy Theories and Extremism – The Atlantic

When Alex, now a high-school senior, saw an Instagram account he followed post about something called QAnon back in 2017, he’d never heard of the viral conspiracy theory before. But the post piqued his interest, and he wanted to know more. So he did what your average teenager would do: He followed several accounts related to it […]

Barstool Sports Quietly Tries To Un-FuckJerry Itself, Deletes 60,000 Social Media Posts

Photo: Adam Glanzman (Getty) Barstool Sports is seen as valuable not because it is read by many people, but because of its social media accounts, which boast millions of followers. The way those accounts operate was scrutinized this week after comedian Miel Bredouw called them out for taking one of her videos and uploading onto […]

Racist Comic Fans Run Titans Star Off Instagram for Not Being the Right Kind of Black

Anna Diop; Starfire Image: Warner Bros. TV If you thought being a regular old black person in America was tough, try being a black superhero, or a black person from the future, or even worse, a black alien from a galaxy far, far away. You’d have to deal with Thanos, inter-dimensional threats, and you still […]

Lil Tay’s Not-Manager Thinks We Don’t Understand Her Unique Vision Because We’re Old 

Earlier today, Jezebel published a look at the people behind Lil Tay, a 9-year-old girl and controversial Instagram personality, whose fame is the result of participating in some extremely adult beefs. Shortly after the story was published, Alex Goller Gelbard, who works with Tay in some kind of management capacity, answered a few questions we […]

I Drove Myself Nuts Trying to Unravel the Mystery of Seemingly Unparented 9-Year-Old Instagram Shit-Talker Lil Tay

Photo: Screenshots via YouTube Social media stardom is a brutal Darwinistic competition, a craven and utterly shameless battle for space on our screens and in our brains carried out by a phalanx of influencers, thinkfluencers, beauty vloggers, charlatans, health quacks, spiritual phonies, and unhinged vegans. Recently, Lil Tay entered into this fray. Tay is—as far […]

Instagram Is Testing a Feature That Sure Sounds Great for Shit-Talking Other Users

Photo: Carl Court (Getty) Sure, you can share your friends’ posts on your Facebook page, or retweet a hot take to your followers on Twitter, but Instagram has been relatively conservative when it comes to letting users publicly redistribute posts on the social network. According to a report from TechCrunch, however, Instagram is testing a […]

Gun-packing Instagram star Dan Bilzerian mocked for fleeing Las Vegas shooting – The Washington Post

What the gun-packing Instagram star did when he was caught in the Las Vegas shooting. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post) Guns and women got Dan Bilzerian where he is today — the “King of Instagram,” with nearly 23 million followers, a mansion full of guns and a hot tub full of women. He lines his feed with photos […]