‘Shooting,’ ‘Bomb,’ ‘Trump’: Advertisers Blacklist News Stories Online – WSJ

Like many advertisers, Fidelity Investments wants to avoid advertising online near controversial content. The Boston-based financial-services company has a lengthy blacklist of words it considers off-limits. If one of those words is in an article’s headline, Fidelity won’t place an ad there. Its list earlier this year, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, contained more […]

Will Facebook’s Rebranding of Instagram and WhatsApp Boost Its Rep or Hurt Theirs? – Adweek

Is adding “From Facebook” to the branding for the social media giant’s Instagram photo- and video-sharing network and WhatsApp messaging application a good move, a bad move or inconsequential? Writer and business coach Jason Aten opted for the second, saying in his post on Inc., “Let’s put this in context: This branding move would be like […]

How Facebook Is Changing to Deal With Scrutiny of Its Power – The New York Times

  ImageFacebook, under its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, is making changes to deal with antitrust scrutiny.CreditCreditTom Brenner/The New York Times SAN FRANCISCO — Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for the breakup of big tech companies like Facebook. Regulators have opened investigations into Facebook’s power in social networking. Even one of Facebook’s own founders has laid […]

Facebook Offers News Outlets Millions of Dollars a Year to License Content – WSJ

ABC News was among the news outlets that received a pitch from Facebook to license their content. Photo: Kena Betancur/Getty Images Updated Aug. 8, 2019 4:31 pm ET Facebook Inc. FB 2.71% is offering news outlets millions of dollars for the rights to put their content in a news section that the company hopes to […]

Zuckerberg: The man who would be monetary king | FT Alphaville

Facebook has just announced the full details of its Libra cryptocurrency venture, including details of the founder members of the Libra Association, among them Visa, Mastercard, Uber and Spotify. Its mission, it says, is to make payments cheaper and more accessible. Whether we can trust them about that is another matter. Libra could be a social-good venture […]

The Tech Superstars Never Went Through Cash Like Today’s Big Burners | Fortune

Here’s an argument you hear a lot: the gigantic cash burn rates at the likes of Tesla and Uber are nothing new, because today’s established tech greats also churned through tons of cash in their early years. In fact, we keep hearing from champions of these glamor stocks on business TV shows and pundits’ blogs […]

Jack Dorsey’s TED Interview and the End of an Era | The New Yorker

It all seemed so inevitable: that Jack Dorsey, the C.E.O. and co-founder of Twitter, would appear onstage at last week’s TED ideas conference, in Vancouver; that the conference theme would be “Bigger Than Us,” an ambiguous invocation of either inspiration or fear; that Dorsey, during a session called “Power,” would calmly acknowledge the proliferation of […]

Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism – Motherboard

After a civil rights backlash, Facebook will now treat white nationalism and separatism the same as white supremacy, and will direct users who try to post that content to a nonprofit that helps people leave hate groups. Image: ZACH GIBSON/AFP/Getty Images In a major policy shift for the world’s biggest social media network, Facebook banned […]

Amazon is blocking ads for unprofitable products

As Amazon steps up its effort to show Wall Street it can generate profits, the e-commerce giant is aggressively blocking money-losing products from advertising on its site. In recent months, Amazon has been telling more vendors, or brand owners who sell their goods wholesale, that if Amazon can’t sell those products to consumers at a […]

Here’s how Mark Zuckerberg is protected from bullets, car bombs, and a

Business Insider has posted an insanely interesting article about the lengths Facebook’s internal security teams go to protect Mark Zuckerberg. The social media giant has previously reported that it spends upwards of $10 million a year on Zuck’s personal security, and, thanks to some loose-lipped current and former workers at Facebook’s Global Security organization, now […]