‘Shooting,’ ‘Bomb,’ ‘Trump’: Advertisers Blacklist News Stories Online – WSJ

Like many advertisers, Fidelity Investments wants to avoid advertising online near controversial content. The Boston-based financial-services company has a lengthy blacklist of words it considers off-limits. If one of those words is in an article’s headline, Fidelity won’t place an ad there. Its list earlier this year, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, contained more […]

Mainstream advertising is still showing up on polarizing and misleading sites — despite efforts to stop it – The Washington Post

Jihadi rapists. Muslim invaders. Faked mass shootings. Pizzagate. Somebody browsing highly partisan websites in recent weeks could have seen articles about all of these subjects — and on the same pages seen cheerful green ads for the Girl Scouts, bearing the slogan “Helping Girls Change the World!” Such juxtapositions, documented by a Washington Post review […]

The Push For Web Ad Viewability Proving To Be Nightmare For Publishers Early On – CMO Today – WSJ

article start The online ad world is racing to make viewable ads–ads people can actually see–the standard currency for the industry. And that race is causing major pain for Web publishers while wreaking general havoc in the ad marketplace, say executives from major media companies, digital native sites and top ad agencies. Making viewable ads […]

How an impressionable media industry fell in love with fraud – Fortune

Ask someone who doesn’t work in advertising what it means to “make an impression,” you will likely get a reasonable response like “to do something that someone remembers.” However, inside the advertising industry, the definition of “impression” is not nearly as simple. Why? Because if you run an advertisement on TV, radio, or print, you […]