Steve King Apologizes For ‘Heartburn’ Over Nationalism Comments

White supremacist congressman Steve King is sorry he gave you all “heartburn” by asking The New York Times what’s so “offensive” about being a white supremacist earlier this week, but that’s about it. King, who just entered his ninth term representing Iowa in Congress, took the House floor today to say he regretted making a […]

NYT Article About White Nationalism Is Deeply Flawed

Police line up in front of counter-protesters at a far right rally in Portland, OR, in August. Photo: Getty White nationalism is resurgent in the streets of America. It’s driving federal policy in the Trump administration. It’s leading to the murders of people like Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. White supremacists are gunning people down in […]

From ‘Dawson’s Creek’ to ‘Buffy’ to ‘Frasier’ to ‘Seinfeld’ — what happened to those lone, ‘token’ black actors?

This is about television in the 1990s, but let’s start with a quick, tragic and important trip to 1975. Happy Days is about to deliver its infamous and most cringeworthy episode. In “Fonzie’s New Friend,” the leather jacket-clad Fonz meets up with Sticks Downey, a new-to-town wisecracking drummer. The Fonz decides that Sticks, played with […]

Birthright Citizenship Was Won by Freed Slaves – The Atlantic

Birthright citizenship just might be, former slaves believed, the safeguard they needed. In the decades before the Civil War, in an era when a remedy like the Fourteenth Amendment was hard to imagine, free black Americans embraced the view that they were citizens by virtue of having been born on U.S. soil. It was a […]

Trump shocks with racist new ad days before midterms – CNNPolitics

The new web video, tweeted by the President five days before the midterm elections, is the most extreme step yet in the most inflammatory closing argument of any campaign in recent memory. The Trump campaign ad is the latest example of the President’s willingness to lie and fear-monger in order to tear at racial and […]

NBC Interviews White Nationalist on TV, For Some Reason

I regret to inform you that the national mainstream media is at it again: willingly giving a platform to white nationalists. On this morning’s TODAY show, NBC’s Peter Alexander interviewed the head of Identity Evropa, a racist group that describes itself as “identitarian” because it promotes white European “identity,” according to the Southern Poverty Law […]

The Deafening Silence of Colin Kaepernick – The New York Times

A tall, unemployed man took his niece to see Serena and Venus Williams play each other at the United States Open on Friday of last week. The man, a free-agent football player clad in a simple black T-shirt, was briefly shown on the video board at Arthur Ashe Stadium to thunderous applause from the crowd. […]