Forrester says it’s end times for digital and display advertising | The Drum

A new Forrester report forecasts the end of digital and display advertising as we know it as consumers move away from experiences in which they can be interrupted. That’s in part because consumers are putting more trust in digital assistants to make decisions on their behalf, but, naturally, it’s also because US marketers wasted roughly […]

A privacy war is raging inside the W3C – Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

James Rosewell could see his company’s future was in jeopardy. It was January 2020, and Google had just announced key details of its plan to increase privacy in its Chrome browser by getting rid of third-party cookies and essentially breaking the tools that businesses use to track people across the web. That includes businesses like […]

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson Shouldn’t Be Going to Space – The Atlantic

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are choosing a terrible time to leave Earth. Getty; The Atlantic Dear billionaires, no one cares whom you beat to space. After Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, announced that he would join the first crewed flight by his rocket company, Blue Origin, later this month, Richard Branson just couldn’t […]

Is this the end of forests as we’ve known them? | Trees and forests | The Guardian

Camille Stevens-Rumann never used to worry about seeing dead trees. As a wildland firefighter in the American west, she encountered untold numbers killed in blazes she helped to extinguish. She knew fires are integral to forests in this part of the world; they prune out smaller trees, giving room to the rest and even help […]

‘Legally Blonde’ Oral History: From Raunchy Script to Feminist Classic – The New York Times

Along the way, adult zingers were edited out, Jennifer Coolidge struggled with the “bend and snap” and the ending was changed at least three times. Behind the scenes of “Legally Blonde” with Reese Witherspoon, left, the screenwriter Karen McCullah and the cast members Selma Blair and Meredith Scott Lynn.Credit…Karen McCullah July 8, 2021 In 2001, […]

Doja Cat, Dr. Luke, and the Murky Ethics of Pop – The Atlantic

The Pop Music You Listen to Really Does Matter The story of Dr. Luke and Doja Cat shows how the industry relies on consumer passivity. But audiences can still stand against alleged abusers. Kevin Mazur / Getty; Tommaso Boddi / WireImage / Getty; The Atlantic Eras of music are commonly defined by particular sounds. The […]

What Is the Phexxi Birth Control Method, and Who Owns It? – The New York Times

The Pill Helped Start the Sexual Revolution. What Will Phexxi Do? Saundra Pelletier is marketing a new form of birth control to women wary of hormones. Ms. Pelletier’s back is tattoed with feminist symbols.Credit…Michelle Groskopf for The New York Times June 10, 2021Updated 12:20 p.m. ET SAN DIEGO — If you’re a woman aged 18 […]

Bugs detected by D.C.’s weather likely include cicadas – The Washington Post

The cicadas across our region have been relentless, sparking a social media frenzy and keeping nature reporters in the D.C. area busy. Now they’ve made their way onto weather maps, too. They, along with other insects, can be seen on Doppler radars ordinarily used to track storms. Over the weekend, plots from D.C.-area weather radars […]