House Intel Chair: Trump Administration Documents Don’t Back Up Wiretap Claim | The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ― The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee on Sunday announced that evidence provided by President Donald Trump’s administration does not prove his unsubstantiated claim that his predecessor Barack Obama ordered wiretapping on Trump Tower during last year’s campaign. “Was there a physical wiretap of Trump Tower? No, there never was,” Rep. Devin Nunes […]

Trump Grill Could Be the Worst Restaurant in America | Vanity Fair

Left, Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, New York City; Right, a view of Trump Grill and its patrons. Both images from Alamy. Halfway through a recent late lunch at the Trump Grill—the clubby steakhouse in the lobby of Trump Tower that has recently become famous through the incessant media coverage of its namesake landlord, and […]

Future President Meets Future President

Photo via AP Kanye West is in New York City today, apparently looking for a new psychiatrist. Also, he stopped by Trump Tower. From the White House press pool: At 9:13, Kanye West entered Trump Tower, with an entourage, including a videographer (though no Kim). He hustled past the pool without comment. The entourage included […]