The Incredible Mystery of Rey’s Last Jedi Haircut Solved Thanks to Empty Toy Box

Back in last July, we learned that whatever hairdo Daisy Ridley was sporting as Rey was somehow so important that Lucasfilm felt it needed to be hidden, even when Ridley was just working out. Now, thanks to a picture of empty toy packaging, this great mystery of our time has been solved. It’s… longer! Thank […]

Star Wars Merch’s Sexism Problem: #WheresRey Highlights Dearth in Female Toys – The Daily Beast

The omission of Rey from the Millennium Falcon—the ship that she flies in several key Force Awakens scenes—drew sharp criticism from fans. UPDATE, 12/23/15: This story has been updated with comment from Disney. Now that fans have flocked to the new Star Wars flick to the tune of a record-breaking $247 million opening weekend, a disgruntled […]