Did ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ go too far with the animal cruelty in episode 5?

  It’s hard to love a character who harms animals, which is part of why last week’s episode felt so dispiriting. Captain Lorca is ruthless enough use a living creature as spaceship fuel, but it’s sad to see Burnham and Saru follow his lead. By using the captured tardigrade to pilot Discovery’s spore drive, they ignore […]

Syfy – How Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is helping save my relationship | How Star Trek is helping save my relationship

My boyfriend introduced me to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He slipped in a few Trekkie references on our first “non-date” (that date that didn’t start as a date but turned into one) that went over my head, but I didn’t hold it against him. I’d never been a big Trekkie, but after about seven […]

Star Trek: Discovery Goes Out Boldly, But We Still Don’t Know Where to Yet

All images: CBS The prevailing question about Star Trek: Discovery is “Is it good enough?” Is it good enough to justify all the delays? Is it good enough to get over the fact that CBS embargoed all reviews until now? Is it good enough to justify paying $5.99 ($9.99 without commercials) a month? And, based […]

The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Is Here to Boldly Go to Beautiful New Worlds

After a brief tease this morning, CBS have just revealed our first full look at Star Trek: Discovery, giving us our best glimpse at what’s to come in the future of Star Trek’s past. Revealed at the network’s ongoing Upfronts presentation, the trailer marks the first footage from Discovery beyond the initial ship reveal back […]

Mathematician Boldly Claims That Redshirts Don’t Actually Die the Most on Star Trek

Image: “The Trouble With Tribbles,” Star Trek, CBS We all know in our souls that being a redshirt on Star Trek is basically like having a death wish. But our old enemy, math, has stepped in again to tell us that we’re wrong. At a presentation at the Museum of Math last week, James Grime […]