Donald Trump’s Budget Is the Ending Conservatives Always Wanted

Eery year, during the run-up to Halloween, when Jim DeMint goes to Hell’s mega-mall and sits on Satan’s lap, he has a list of things he wants for the holiday. The parents of the assembled demons and imps behind him in line often get frustrated because the list is so long. On Thursday, the Trump […]

The National Park Service Won’t Be Silenced – Scientific American Blog Network

Trump is in power, and one of his first acts has been to gag government agencies. After the National Park Service bruised his ego by retweeting a New York Times tweet showing Trump’s inauguration numbers to be lower than President Obama’s 2009 crowd, they were ordered to stop all tweets, including scheduled ones. He then […]

Is Donald Trump’s Insecurity a National Security Threat? | Vanity Fair

Despite the manifold challenges facing Americans, none may be greater than its vulnerable egomaniac of a president—and his inability to think beyond himself. President Donald Trump speaks at the C.I.A. headquarters on January 21, 2017 in Langley, Virginia. By Olivier Doulier – Pool/Getty Images. I once asked a friend of mine, a standup comic, why […]

Meanwhile, At The Second Life Trump Inauguration Party . . .

Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States was an appropriately staid and stately affair. The inauguration party in virtual world Second Life was much more colorful. The biggest inauguration party in Second Life took place in the London City sim, oddly enough, where avatars of all sizes and shapes from around […]