In a Moment of Wonderful Self-Delusion, Guy Ritchie Originally Wanted to Do a ‘Classic’ King Arthur

GIF Image: Warner Bros. If you were a studio that hired Guy Ritchie for a King Arthur movie, would you in any way expect to get the sort of classic medieval story full of pining and faith—or would you expect one where Arthur wears a henley and shadowboxes? The latter, right? According to star Charlie […]

Alien: Covenant May Be the Biggest Disappointment of the Summer

Here’s a sentence I’m just incredibly sad to type: Alien: Covenant is bad. It’s not terrible. Director Ridley Scott didn’t make some kind of hugely annoying, incoherent movie or anything like that. There are a few pockets of enjoyment in what unfolds on screen and watching it is semi-pleasant. But after the credits roll, mulling […]

Star Wars Is Poised to Re-Make One of the Expanded Universe’s Biggest Mistakes

Image: By Chris Scalf for The Essential Guide to Warfare (Del Rey) When Disney acquired Star Wars and Lucasfilm announced the all the stories of the Expanded Universe had been jettisoned, it seemed like a galaxy far, far away was getting a fresh start. But that hasn’t totally been true, as pieces of the EU […]

Even Brian Michael Bendis is Confused By Peter’s Best Friend in Spider-Man: Homecoming

GIF Image: Disney/Marvel Studios. Peter Parker’s best bud in Homecoming might have the name of a familiar comics character—Ned Leeds—but his role in the film and his appearance are far more in line with another Spider-Man character: Ultimate Spider-Man’s Ganke. Fans are confused as to why Miles Morales’ best friend is now Peter’s… and turns […]

Can You Figure Out Why Lucasfilm Hates This Photo of Luke Skywalker?

There’s nothing at first glance that would tell you why Lucasfilm refused to release this behind-the-scenes photo from A New Hope. But once you hear it, and put it together with George Lucas’ need to control details, it makes total sense. Yesterday, a fan account tweeted the above photo of Mark Hamill. And since Hamill’s […]

There Was Yet Another Ending Planned for Rogue One and It Was Absolutely Insane

Cassian Andor almost did something incredible in an alternate ending for Rogue One. All Images: Disney Here’s a hint: it involved carbon freezing. As we all know, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story went through innumerable iterations; some of them you saw in trailers and on the big screen, others never made it that far. […]

Here’s What the Original, Far Less Tragic Ending of Rogue One Would Have Been

Jyn and Cassian had a different fate in earlier versions of Rogue One. Image: Disney By now, it’s common knowledge that Rogue One does not end happily for any of the main characters. Sure, they accomplish their goal, and that goal makes many major things possible, but they never get to see the fruits of […]