Fusion Media: If You Make a Good Ad, We’ll Give You Bonus Ad Space – WSJ

Many publishers believe consumers would pay more attention to online ads if they were just better. Now Fusion Media Group is acting on that sentiment: It is trying out a new system that rewards advertisers that make the most engaging ads by giving them bonus impressions. The Univision-owned digital media company, whose 12 sites include […]

SB Nation To Team Site Managers: You Do This For Love, Now Hit Your Quotas

Illustration by Jim Cooke/Deadspin/GMG Earlier this week Deadspin published a story about how SB Nation team sites’ traffic accounts for the vast majority of the network’s total traffic, even though the people who staff these sites are primarily paid low monthly stipends or nothing at all. The story detailed, among other things, how a Vox […]

How SB Nation Profits Off An Army Of Exploited Workers

Depending on who’s defining it, to whom, and why, SB Nation is either a popular website best-known for puckish, irreverent coverage and such whimsical projects as Jon Bois’s 17776, or a sprawling network of “team” or “fan” websites, each tightly focused on a particular topic, like the New York Mets or professional boxing. In either […]

Murdoch-owned paper publishes nude photos of new female Doctor Who – Salon.com

Yesterday, the BBC revealed that actor Jodie Whittaker would be taking over for Peter Capaldi as the lead in the network’s long-running scifi program “Doctor Who.” Whittaker, already a veteran of TV-drama at 35, will become the first woman to play the role of “The Doctor” in the character’s 54 history of onscreen and offscreen appearances. […]

How CNN Made Its Own Reporting Sound Like Blackmail

On July 2, President Donald Trump tweeted out a video showing himself, as he had appeared in a 2007 WrestleMania event, attacking a person whose head had been replaced with the CNN logo. Two days later, CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski wrote an article about the origins of the video and the anonymous Reddit user who […]

Gawker Estate Asks for Probe of Peter Thiel – WSJ

Advisers who represent what remains of Gawker Media Group in bankruptcy are exploring whether they can bring a viable lawsuit against Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire who helped finance Hulk Hogan’s successful legal battle against the publisher. Gawker on Tuesday asked a bankruptcy judge for permission to subpoena Mr. Thiel to obtain information upon […]

Congratulations to Peggy Noonan, Who Has Won, As We Have Lost 

We—along with Cesar, who works at the deli counter—would like to extend our congratulations to our friend Peggy Noonan, who has just been awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for commentary. On Ronald Reagan, and other matters. It was almost exactly a year ago that a Florida jury returned a $140 million verdict that sent Gawker […]