Mass Deportation Is a Lose-Lose Proposition – Bloomberg

In its zeal to deport unauthorized immigrants, the U.S. risks turning itself into a quasi-police state — all for little or no benefit to the native-born. First of all, net illegal immigration to the U.S. ended a decade ago: But there are still about 11 million to 12 million unauthorized immigrants remaining in the U.S. […]

The Dismal Thrillist Anti-Union Campaign 

Illustration by Jim Cooke Successful union campaigns have flourished across the digital media industry over the past year and a half. Few have run into more anti-union pushback than the one currently happening at Thrillist. And employees are pissed. On February 15, editorial staffers at the lifestyle site Thrillist announced that they were joining the […]

Big Bother Is Watching – The Baffler

One of the lesser-known casualties of Newt Gingrich’s ghoulish Contract with America was the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), a small government agency charged with producing impartial reports for Congress and other officials about issues of scientific and technological concern. From 1972 until 1995, the OTA produced studies, often with the help of academic experts, […]