Fusion Media: If You Make a Good Ad, We’ll Give You Bonus Ad Space – WSJ

Many publishers believe consumers would pay more attention to online ads if they were just better. Now Fusion Media Group is acting on that sentiment: It is trying out a new system that rewards advertisers that make the most engaging ads by giving them bonus impressions. The Univision-owned digital media company, whose 12 sites include […]

Failure Has a Name at Equifax. Al Franken Says It’s ‘Gus’ – Bloomberg

Gee thanks, Gus. Gus isn’t a real person, but it’s the pseudonym Senator Al Franken assigned to the Equifax Inc. employee who holds a lot of the blame for the theft of 145.5 million Americans’ personal data. Former Chief Executive Officer Richard Smith told Franken and other senators Wednesday that Equifax was breached largely because of […]

Facebook tells advertisers it can reach more people than the Census shows exist

Facebook seems to think it can advertise to more U.S. millennials than actually exist Image: Stephen Lam/Getty Images By Patrick Kulp2017-09-06 18:06:25 UTC Facebook is promising advertisers that it can reach 25 million more American millennials than the Census believes to exist. The social network boasts that ads on its platform will be seen by […]

How to Repurpose a Bad Statue – The Atlantic

As Confederate statues come down across the American South, there is a question of what to do with them once they’ve fallen. Should these metal and stone colossuses be melted down and broken up? Discarded? Should the wishes of those who, like President Trump, see sentimental and historical value in the statues, be respected? And […]

What Trump Has Quietly Accomplished – The Atlantic

START “MORE ON” SINGLE STORY BOX v. 2 END “MORE ON” SINGLE STORY BOX v. 2 Imagine, if you will, that there is a shadow government. The actual government, the administration of Donald Trump, is coming off the worst week of his presidency, although there haven’t been any smooth weeks. Trump’s top legislative priority, repealing […]

Face scans for US citizens flying abroad stir privacy issues – The Washington Post

HOUSTON — If the Trump administration gets its way, U.S. citizens boarding international flights will have to submit to a face scan, a plan privacy advocates call a step toward a surveillance state. The Department of Homeland Security says it’s the only way to successfully expand a program that tracks nonimmigrant foreigners. They have been […]

Federal government cancels costly, decade-long search for a new FBI headquarters – The Washington Post

The federal government is canceling the search for a new FBI headquarters, according to officials familiar with the decision, putting a more than decade-long effort by the bureau to move out of the crumbling J. Edgar Hoover Building back at square one. The decision follows years of failed attempts by federal officials to persuade Congress […]