State Dept.: Assad using crematorium to hide atrocities –

Story highlights A State Department official says the regime could be killing as many as 50 detainees a day The US called on Russia to use its influence to stop the atrocities Stuart Jones, acting assistant secretary for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department, laid out newly unveiled declassified intelligence in […]

After Trump fired Comey, White House staff scrambled to explain why – The Washington Post

President Trump informed FBI Director James Comey he had been dismissed on May 9, stemming from a conclusion by Justice Department officials that he had mishandled the probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails. (Bastien Inzaurralde/The Washington Post) White House press secretary Sean Spicer wrapped up his brief interview with Fox Business from the White House grounds late […]

In a Moment of Wonderful Self-Delusion, Guy Ritchie Originally Wanted to Do a ‘Classic’ King Arthur

GIF Image: Warner Bros. If you were a studio that hired Guy Ritchie for a King Arthur movie, would you in any way expect to get the sort of classic medieval story full of pining and faith—or would you expect one where Arthur wears a henley and shadowboxes? The latter, right? According to star Charlie […]

Mathematician Boldly Claims That Redshirts Don’t Actually Die the Most on Star Trek

Image: “The Trouble With Tribbles,” Star Trek, CBS We all know in our souls that being a redshirt on Star Trek is basically like having a death wish. But our old enemy, math, has stepped in again to tell us that we’re wrong. At a presentation at the Museum of Math last week, James Grime […]