Ad Industry Insiders Are Connected To A Fraud Scheme That Researchers Say Stole Millions Of Dollars

Some of the world’s biggest brands were ripped off by a digital fraud scheme that used a network of websites connected to US advertising industry insiders to steal what experts say could be millions of dollars, a BuzzFeed News investigation has found. Approximately 40 websites used special code that triggered an avalanche of fraudulent views […]

Did ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ go too far with the animal cruelty in episode 5?

  It’s hard to love a character who harms animals, which is part of why last week’s episode felt so dispiriting. Captain Lorca is ruthless enough use a living creature as spaceship fuel, but it’s sad to see Burnham and Saru follow his lead. By using the captured tardigrade to pilot Discovery’s spore drive, they ignore […]

PUBG explosion shows fickle nature of esports – SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal | SportsBusiness Daily Global

Editor’s note: This story is revised from the print editionA funny thing happened this year as investors dove into esports, chasing eight-figure franchises in the Overwatch League and the “League of Legends” League Championship Series: A new game came out of nowhere to win the hearts and minds of fans. Launched in beta mode by […]