Germany to force Facebook, Twitter to delete hate speech | Germany | DW.COM | 14.03.2017

  The German government has announced new plans to force social media sites to delete hate speech and fake news. Justice Minister Heiko Maas said Facebook and Twitter had failed to regulate themselves. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has revealed details of a new plan to curb hate speech and fake news on social media […]

Donald Trump Is in Trouble for Deleting His Tweets

President Donald Trump, a thousand sausages held together with duct tape, sure loves to tweet. He does it to share news, to both threaten and congratulate people, and to fill the pre-dawn hours before his handlers help him change out of his bathrobe. While a master of the destabilizing 140-character missive, Trump has not yet […]

Worst Tweets: International Women’s Day Edition

Illustration: Jim Cooke There are bad tweets every day of the year, but this is the day that we celebrate the bad tweets that were tweeted today: International Women’s Day. Thank you to everyone for their tweets. core-decorated Reporter, Special Projects Desk PGP Fingerprint: E6A2 8CF9 9829 649D A52E 3D40 F960 DDD5 7026|PGP Key   […]

Trump tweets and the TV news stories behind them – CNNMoney

President Donald Trump is poised to go down as both the most voracious tweeter and most passionate cable news consumer to ever reside in the White House. Since his stunning upset in November, Trump’s preoccupation with each has seemingly intensified. Whether from Trump Tower, his resort at Mar-a-Lago, or the White House Trump has reportedly […]

PewDiePie Show Canceled by Google’s YouTube – WSJ

YouTube canceled its top star’s show on Tuesday over his anti-Semitic jokes, complicating its efforts to court television advertisers while also retaining its edgy video stars. YouTube, a unit of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, distanced itself from its most popular creator—27-year-old Felix Kjellberg, who goes by PewDiePie—after The Wall Street Journal reported he made anti-Semitic jokes or showed Nazi imagery in […]