Inside the dystopian vision of the IAB’s new AR and VR advertising formats – Digital Content Next

You’re half-way through a gaming session and the world is breaking apart around you as you run from attacking aliens. Firing as you go, you turn a corner and suddenly your view is filled with the sight of a brand new sedan. You see a cute dog at your local coffee shop. When you lean […]

The Tech-Savvy To-Do List: A Bullet Journal – WSJ

The solution for Post-it Notes lost under the desk and phone alerts silenced in meetings may be at hand. People who have tried and given up countless online calendars and list-making apps are making the Bullet Journal—a way of organizing and writing lists in a plain old notebook—a hit. The journal helps organize everything from […]

Silicon Valley Stumbles in World Beyond Software – WSJ

Silicon Valley’s push into the physical world “is going to be a much longer, slower process, especially in the next couple of chapters,” said Andrew McAfee, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor who studies technology’s impact on society. That timeline isn’t typical for Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched the search engine—then called BackRub—in […]