The Tech-Savvy To-Do List: A Bullet Journal – WSJ

The solution for Post-it Notes lost under the desk and phone alerts silenced in meetings may be at hand. People who have tried and given up countless online calendars and list-making apps are making the Bullet Journal—a way of organizing and writing lists in a plain old notebook—a hit. The journal helps organize everything from […]

Silicon Valley Stumbles in World Beyond Software – WSJ

Silicon Valley’s push into the physical world “is going to be a much longer, slower process, especially in the next couple of chapters,” said Andrew McAfee, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor who studies technology’s impact on society. That timeline isn’t typical for Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched the search engine—then called BackRub—in […]


Having Blackbox ship your stuff to customers is cheaper than doing it yourself. Blackbox works like a co-op of indie artists. If everyone pays for postage, warehouse space, and packaging themselves, the cost is very high. But if we all pool our resources, we’re as big as any company purchasing at volume. This gives us […]