State Dept.: Assad using crematorium to hide atrocities –

Story highlights A State Department official says the regime could be killing as many as 50 detainees a day The US called on Russia to use its influence to stop the atrocities Stuart Jones, acting assistant secretary for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department, laid out newly unveiled declassified intelligence in […]

U.S. May Launch Strike If North Korea Reaches For Nuclear Trigger – NBC News

The U.S. is prepared to launch a preemptive strike with conventional weapons against North Korea should officials become convinced that North Korea is about to follow through with a nuclear weapons test, multiple senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News. North Korea has warned that a “big event” is near, and U.S. officials say signs […]

Mounting claims of civilian deaths after U.S. targets al-Qaeda in Syria – The Washington Post

BEIRUT — U.S. drone aircraft fired missiles and dropped a 500-pound bomb outside Aleppo on Thursday in an attack that the Pentagon said killed scores of al-Qaeda militants but that local residents described as an assault on a mosque crowded with civilians. U.S. officials said the strikes in the town of Jinah had killed “dozens” […]

Rex Tillerson Rejects Talks With North Korea on Nuclear Program – The New York Times

Tillerson: ‘The Policy of Strategic Patience Has Ended’ Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, in a visit to South Korea, said if North Korea increased “the threat of their weapons program” to an unacceptable level, the Trump administration would consider action. “The policy of strategic patience has ended,” Mr. Tillerson said. By REUTERS. Photo by […]

U.N. Official: ‘World Faces Largest Humanitarian Crisis Since 1945’ : The Two-Way : NPR

END CLASS=”STORYTITLE” END CLASS=”STORY-TOOLS” END ID=”STORY-META” CLASS=”STORY-META HAS-BYLINE” Acutely malnourished child Sacdiyo Mohamed, 9 months old, is treated at Banadir hospital in Somalia on Saturday. Somalia’s government has declared the drought there a national disaster. Mohamed Sheikh Nor/AP The world is facing its greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945, says the United Nations humanitarian coordinator, Stephen […]

Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Is Denounced by 134 Foreign Policy Experts – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — More than 130 members of America’s foreign policy establishment denounced President Trump’s revised travel ban on Friday as just as damaging to the United States’ interests and reputation as his original order that halted refugees and froze travelers from predominantly Muslim countries. In a letter to Mr. Trump, the former government officials and […]

For the first time in my life, the prospect of a united Ireland is not only credible but inevitable | The Independent

In order for the UK to enact its post-Brexit immigration policies and leave the single market, it must be able to control its borders. It is impossible to overstate the horror with which such a wall between the north and south would be greeted scald=4585456:article_responsive_images [if IE 9]>< ![endif][if IE 9]>< ![endif] END scald=4585456 St Patrick’s Day celebrations: […]