Trump Has No Foreign Policy – POLITICO Magazine

Whenever a new American president takes office, or even well beforehand, analysts and academics rush to discern their foreign policy “doctrine”—a grand theory that connects what might otherwise appear to be a Pollock-like splattering of dots. The Bush doctrine, for instance, was supposedly about the rejection of multilateral constraints on American power, or maybe it […]

If Russia tried to influence the U.S. election, things aren’t going as planned – The Washington Post

MOSCOW — A funny thing happened in Russia this past week: President Trump’s face, once ubiquitous on the talk shows and evening news programs that tack closely to the Kremlin’s political agenda, was suddenly absent. Gone. “Like they flipped a switch,” said Alexey Kovalev, a journalist at the Moscow Times who covers Russian state media.  It’s not […]

Press Secretary Sean Spicer Falsely Accuses Iran of Attacking U.S. Navy Vessel, an Act of War

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer asserted at Thursday’s press briefing that Iran had attacked a U.S. naval vessel, as part of his argument defending the administration’s bellicose announcement that Iran is “on notice.” National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday said he was  “officially putting Iran on notice” following the country’s ballistic missile test and […]

Donald Trump press secretary Sean Spicer falsely accuses Iran of going to war with US | The Independent

  Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer falsely accused Iran of attacking a United States naval vessel, an incident which – if it had really happened – could constitute an act of war. Mr Spicer made the remarks during a press briefing called to explain a White House announcement that Iran had been officially “put on […]

These are the new instructions the State Department rushed to embassies worldwide | Public Radio International

The instructions came in a cable from State Department headquarters, just after midnight ET on Friday. Cancel appointments. Halt approvals. Post online “red banner” warnings. These are some of the new operating procedures US foreign service officers had to initiate when dealing with applicants from seven Muslim-majority countries who want a new life in the United […]