Inside The Economist’s Plan to Conquer America – Folio:

CMO Michael Brunt details the 175-year-old magazine’s strategy to boost circulation revenue by penetrating a still largely untapped market. Conditional Logic for What’s Trending Video Posts Running a profitable, mass-market magazine whose revenue is overwhelmingly driven by print advertising is — to put things mildly — a much riskier proposition in 2017 than it was a decade ago. […]

White Model Mistakenly Featured On Blackhair Magazine Cover

In a humongous publication fail, Blackhair magazine mistakenly featured a white model on its December/January cover. Fam. The model in question, Emily Bador, who’s white, pointed the error out in an Instagram post, in which she apologized for the shoot and said she had no idea the photo—which she believes was taken three or four […]

If You’re Shocked Teen Vogue Is Great, You’re Not Paying Attention

Image via Teen Vogue. On Saturday morning, Teen Vogue published a sharp piece by the writer Lauren Duca entitled “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America.” Described in the tagline as a “scorched-earth op-ed,” Duca laid out a clear and airtight argument about the way the president-elect used classic gaslighting tactics to secure his voter base and […]