SB Nation To Team Site Managers: You Do This For Love, Now Hit Your Quotas

Illustration by Jim Cooke/Deadspin/GMG Earlier this week Deadspin published a story about how SB Nation team sites’ traffic accounts for the vast majority of the network’s total traffic, even though the people who staff these sites are primarily paid low monthly stipends or nothing at all. The story detailed, among other things, how a Vox […]

New things. | Polygon

Ok, deep breath.   My last day at Polygon will be August 15th.   I’ve been deliberating how to write that for literally months, but there it is. I’m leaving Polygon, which I helped to co-found in 2012.   I’m not leaving for a job at another outlet, which would be totally fine, or to […]

How SB Nation Profits Off An Army Of Exploited Workers

Depending on who’s defining it, to whom, and why, SB Nation is either a popular website best-known for puckish, irreverent coverage and such whimsical projects as Jon Bois’s 17776, or a sprawling network of “team” or “fan” websites, each tightly focused on a particular topic, like the New York Mets or professional boxing. In either […]

Photographer behind graphic Charlottesville image recounts near-death experience – Columbia Journalism Review

  First Person Photographer behind graphic Charlottesville image recounts near-death experience   August 13, 2017   1195 words Photo/Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress Ryan Kelly went to downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 for one last assignment before leaving his staff photographer job at The Daily Progress. On that final workday, the 30-year-old captured an […]