The Swarm of Bees Outside Vox Media, Explained – VICE

In Trump’s America, the press is under attack. You know what I’m talking about—in your head, do a montage of Donald Trump saying “fake news,” congressional candidates body-slamming reporters, and so on. But on Tuesday, that war intensified, when a swarm of bees lingered outside Vox Media’s New York City offices. What Are Bees? “Bees […]

Gawker Estate Asks for Probe of Peter Thiel – WSJ

Advisers who represent what remains of Gawker Media Group in bankruptcy are exploring whether they can bring a viable lawsuit against Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley billionaire who helped finance Hulk Hogan’s successful legal battle against the publisher. Gawker on Tuesday asked a bankruptcy judge for permission to subpoena Mr. Thiel to obtain information upon […]

Journalists at Gothamist and DNAinfo Agree to Join Labor Union – The New York Times

Reporters and editors at the New York news organizations DNAinfo and Gothamist have agreed to unionize after combining their operations last month. An “overwhelming” majority of the 26 members of the newsroom staffs of the two websites signed cards agreeing to be represented by the Writers Guild of America East, according to organizers and staff […]

Cable News Chyrons Serve As Hilarious Live Fact-Checkers In Trump’s America

In a world of fake news and alternative facts, chyrons are setting the record straight. The tiny, digital, almost always “Breaking News”-adorned captions superimposed on the bottom of screens during newscasts were historically used to introduce the topic that reporters or political figures are addressing for audiences tuning in after the start of a segment. In other words, they’re usually unimportant […]

Here Comes Somebody: Journalism and the Trust Economy – Nieman Reports

featured image =============================== Realigning the news business with the needs of societies overwhelmed by too much information and too many choices is key to rebuilding trust Ray Bussolari/Creative Commons article-img-caption /article-img article-media I think we’re beyond peak fake news pandemic. The early fever of moral panic has abated. Attention is moving from symptoms to cause. […]

New York Times Public Editor: What’s With All These Interesting Stories Where The Box Scores Should Be?

New York Times public editor Liz Spayd wrote an exceptionally stupid column this weekend criticizing the newspaper’s sports section. The Times sports department is notable in that it mostly devotes its resources to investigations and distinctive reporting about a wide array of sports and the athletes who play them, rather than publishing straight gamers off […]