Inside the dystopian vision of the IAB’s new AR and VR advertising formats – Digital Content Next

You’re half-way through a gaming session and the world is breaking apart around you as you run from attacking aliens. Firing as you go, you turn a corner and suddenly your view is filled with the sight of a brand new sedan. You see a cute dog at your local coffee shop. When you lean […]

How publishers can beat fraudsters at their own game – Digital Content Next

On the web, content fraudsters run sites that generate millions of views, get hundreds of thousands of fans, and even claw their way up to the top of search pages. Some of these sites are nothing but one person. With low cost cash grabs taking over search and social how can publishers win? To fix […]

12-27-16 update: “Well this is new, 300×250 units from ad exchanges designed to look like Taboola/Outbrain units CC: @robleathern”

Well this is new, 300×250 units from ad exchanges designed to look like Taboola/Outbrain units CC: @robleathern 5 replies3 retweets15 likes Reply   5 Retweet   3 Like   15 View Tweet activity More Aram Zucker-Scharff ‏@Chronotope  Oct 27 So it turns out this image, which I’ve been seeing all over goes to a link that has […]

The media is a business and journalism is a job. Get it together. – Medium

Facebook is partnering with fact checking organizations to eliminate the scourge of fake news from your feed, only it doesn’t seem like partnering. Aren’t partners supposed to treat each other like equals? Many of the common objections* to journalism by the alt-right center around news being click-bait and rather uninformed discussions of impression-based advertising. The […]

PressForward 4.2: Announcing the Addition of PressForward API Endpoints | PressForward

In PressForward 4.1 we announced the first step toward a set of PressForward API endpoints in conjunction with the WP-API. In 4.1 we added PressForward metadata to the post endpoint and today we’re excited to announce the addition of several new endpoints that expose PressForward metadata about feed items, feeds, and folders. As we previously […]