Lack of Oxford Comma Could Cost Maine Company Millions in Overtime Dispute – The New York Times

Oakhurst Dairy trucks lining up in Portland, Me., in 2006. Credit Pat Wellenbach/Associated Press A class-action lawsuit about overtime pay for truck drivers hinged entirely on a debate that has bitterly divided friends, families and foes: The dreaded — or totally necessary — Oxford comma, perhaps the most polarizing of punctuation marks. What ensued in […]

How the White House made me Real News – The Washington Post

Screen shot of the White House newsletter. Thanks, White House newsletter! There are two possible explanations for why the White House daily newsletter included my piece about the budget, a piece composed almost entirely of onomatopoeic noises (PEW PEW! GRRRRRRRR!) typed out in all caps. Either they read it and loved it, especially the part where I […]

For One Glorious Tweet, McDonald’s Was Woke

Photo: Instagram/Donald Trump Ronald McDonald has had enough of Donald Trump’s bullshit, and he’s taken to McDonald’s official corporate Twitter account to let him hear it. What finally tipped Ron over the edge? Was it Trump’s second failed attempt at a Muslim ban, his proposed 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency, or maybe […]

The New Life Trailer Is Terrifying, Partially Because It Has Spider-Man 3 Footage In It

Ryan Reynolds + Flamethrower = Life. All Images: Sony For superhero film fans, few titles are more shudder-inducing than Spider-Man 3. Which is probably not the thing the marketing team at Sony was going for when creating a new trailer for killer alien film Life, but it oddly works. Let us explain. So today a […]