Journalists at Gothamist and DNAinfo Agree to Join Labor Union – The New York Times

Reporters and editors at the New York news organizations DNAinfo and Gothamist have agreed to unionize after combining their operations last month. An “overwhelming” majority of the 26 members of the newsroom staffs of the two websites signed cards agreeing to be represented by the Writers Guild of America East, according to organizers and staff […]

The Absolute Best Coffee in NYC

The winning shop only does one thing — and it does it extremely well. Photo: Melissa Hom It’s time to talk coffee. Once a city of watery industrial brews and diner coffee, New York is saturated with great espresso, cold brew, and pour-overs — but some places just do it better. Here, the best places […]

MTA ‘See Something, Say Something’ Posters Get #Resist Makeover: Gothamist

gallery js If you scanned the public service announcements in your subway car this morning—and happened to be adequately caffeinated—you might have noticed something slightly off. There’s Melissa C., of small-time “See Something, Say Something” fame, with her gold hoops and salmon-pink hoodie. She’s smiling next to the familiar MTA logo, but her message isn’t […]

Subway Ad Celebrity ‘Gregg T.’ Is an NYPD Lawyer Who Bullies Civil Rights Protesters Into Submission | Village Voice

In the midst of the election season, a lone figure appeared to New Yorkers as a quotidian source of joy: Gregg T., a wonderfully unassuming New Yorker whom the MTA was complimenting for not only seeing something, but saying something. Memes were made. Tweets were composed. Vox even did an explainer. Some fun was had. […]