Facebook distances itself from Marc Andreeseen comments – Business Insider

Stuart Isett/Fortune Global ForumVenture capitalist and Facebook board member Marc AndreessenFacebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg are speaking out against the comments of board member Marc Andreessen, who infuriated people on Twitter Tuesday night with his comments about the social network’s “Free Basics” program in India. Free Basics provides limited internet services at no cost to people […]

India says yes to net neutrality, no to Facebook’s Free Basics

Indian students gather for a protest against Free Basics in Hyderabad, on Dec. 29.Image: Mahesh Kumar A/Associated Press In a significant move, India’s telecom regulator has banned the differential pricing for different kinds of data according to the principles of net neutrality. This implies that zero-rating initiatives like Facebook’s Free Basics platform, which offers a […]

What Became of India’s Corpse-Eating Turtles? | Atlas Obscura

 Ganges riverbank in Varanasi (image by Jeeheon Cho / Wikimedia) The Ganges is the largest river in India, providing water to more than 500 million people. It also has extremely important religious significance in Hindu culture — personified as the goddess Ganga, Hindu faith holds that bathing in the river can absolve one’s sins, and that anyone who is cremated […]