I had a health crisis in France. I’m here to tell you that ‘socialized medicine’ is terrific – LA Times

On Sunday, March 29, 2015, two days after my 54th birthday, I came very close to dying. I was sitting in an armchair in my Paris apartment, reading a newspaper, when I became dizzy. The next thing I knew, my heart was beating violently. When the paramedics arrived, it was racing at 240 beats per […]

Can France Stem the Populist Tide? | Foreign Affairs

background image Marine Le Pen, French National Front political party leader and candidate for the French 2017 presidential election, attends the 2-day FN political rally to launch the presidential campaign in Lyon, France, February 2017. A New Political Dynamic The upcoming French presidential election offers a primer on the turbulent politics of our times. We […]

Trump Supporters Online Are Pretending To Be French To Manipulate France’s Election – BuzzFeed News

Your Post Has Been Launched! Fabulous! Don’t forget to share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. 1. BuzzFeed News was recently given access to a chatroom called The Great Liberation of France, which is hosted on a Slack-like messaging platform called Discord. View this image › Discord ID: 10333712 2. The head of this […]

Farmer on Trial Defends Smuggling Migrants: ‘I Am a Frenchman.’ – The New York Times

Farmer Challenges French Immigration Laws Cédric Herrou from the Roya Valley near the Italian border is on trial and igniting debate for having helped bring people into France illegally. NICE, France — At times it was hard to know who was on trial, the smuggler or the state. The defendant, Cédric Herrou, 37, a slightly […]

Europeans greatly overestimate Muslim population, poll shows | Society | The Guardian

Members of the public in European states including France, Belgium, Germany and the UK greatly overestimate their country’s Muslim population and the rate at which it is growing. An Ipsos Mori survey that measured the gap between public perception and reality in 40 countries in 2016 found French respondents were by far the most likely […]