Google accused of ‘extreme’ gender pay discrimination by US labor department | Technology | The Guardian

Google has discriminated against its female employees, according to the US Department of Labor (DoL), which said it had evidence of “systemic compensation disparities”. As part of an ongoing DoL investigation, the government has collected information that suggests the internet search giant is violating federal employment laws with its salaries for women, agency officials said. […]

Man’s Fragile Masculinity Is Immediately Insulted By His ‘Alexa’ Device : theBERRY

Man’s Fragile Masculinity Is Immediately Insulted By His ‘Alexa’ Device Men’s Rights Activists (or MRAs) are of the belief that they, as (mostly white) dudes, are marginalized in modern society and discriminated against unfairly. They believe that feminism is a threat to their very well-being, and their fragile egos are insulted by the mere suggestion […]

Women in Protest Photography, Allegories For Our Discontent

Over the weekend Maxim Shipenkov took a photograph of a woman being arrested at the protests in Moscow. The photograph is striking in composition, its tension and poses almost classical, almost a grotesque recasting of a pietà. A series of visual juxtapositions inhabit the tight space of the photographic frame: her flying hair versus the […]

Fifteen Percent Of Undergrad Women At UT Austin Reported Being Raped, Survey Finds

Image via AP. A survey from the University of Texas at Austin found that fifteen percent of all undergraduate female students said they’ve been raped, the Dallas Morning News reports. To wit, the survey found that one in seven students said they were “raped, either through force, threat of force, incapacitation or other forms of […]