How to Repurpose a Bad Statue – The Atlantic

As Confederate statues come down across the American South, there is a question of what to do with them once they’ve fallen. Should these metal and stone colossuses be melted down and broken up? Discarded? Should the wishes of those who, like President Trump, see sentimental and historical value in the statues, be respected? And […]

Baltimore’s Confederate Monument Was Never About ‘History And Culture’ | HuffPost

08/17/2017 11:11 am ET Updated 1 day ago Americans have probably had about enough of Confederate monuments this week, but the dual equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson whisked away from its pedestal Wednesday morning in Baltimore is worth examining, especially in light of President Trump’s continued fixation on the issue. […]

‘Dunkirk’ and the West’s myopia about World War II – The Washington Post

Want smart analysis of the most important news in your inbox every weekday along with other global reads, interesting ideas and opinions to know? Sign up for the Today’s WorldView newsletter. “Dunkirk,” the taut blockbuster by British-born filmmaker Christopher Nolan, is one of the runaway successes of the summer, grossing more than $300 million worldwide […]

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Comes From a Long Line of Stories About Women Hooking Up With Animals

“At last he turned to her and said, ‘Am I so very ugly?’” Wood engraving by Walter Crane, 1896. Via the New York Public Library’s digital collections. Beauty and the Beast is officially a box office hit, and so the Disney live-action remake machine will continue to clank merrily along, churning out entertaining movies billed […]