Ask Well: Does Skipping Breakfast Cause Weight Gain? – The New York Times

Continental breakfast is served at Hey Jupiter, a cafe in Adelaide, Australia.Credit David Maurice Smith for The New York Times Q Does skipping breakfast cause weight gain? When I was younger, my mother said that if I don’t eat breakfast then I’ll “train” my metabolism to slow down, thus leading to weight gain and associated […]

The Absolute Best Coffee in NYC

The winning shop only does one thing — and it does it extremely well. Photo: Melissa Hom It’s time to talk coffee. Once a city of watery industrial brews and diner coffee, New York is saturated with great espresso, cold brew, and pour-overs — but some places just do it better. Here, the best places […]

Leaked Audio: Trump Cares About Food Safety But Only If the Food Is Foreign

President Donald Trump intends to intensify enforcement of food safety regulations as a cudgel in international trade negotiations, according to leaked recordings of a what appears to be a phone conversation between Trump and Wilbur Ross, his nominee for Commerce Secretary. During the conversation, which was recorded in December, the then-president-elect also advocated a 10 […]

Chipotle: Can It Be Fixed? – Barron’s

Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill might look cheap at a recent $404 apiece, down from a peak of over $750 a year and a half ago. Don’t dig in yet, though. The Denver-based burrito chain is moving beyond a punishing sales decline caused by widespread 2015 outbreaks of E. coli, salmonella, and norovirus, but keeping […]