Who’s getting rich off your student debt? | Reveal

Section 1 of 3          [00:00:00 – 00:14:05] (NOTE: speaker names may be different in each section) Al Letson: From the center of investigative reporting in PRX, this is revealed an outlet. Jessie: This is considered the northeast, Mayfair section actually, it’s nice and-[crosstalk 00:00:18] Al Letson: Jessie Suren is a 28 year old college grad. […]

These 20 schools are responsible for a fifth of all graduate school debt – The Washington Post

In this Oct. 6, 2011 photo, Gan Golan of Los Angeles, dressed as the “Master of Degrees,” holds a ball and chain representing his college loan debt during Occupy DC activities in (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) Getting an advanced degree doesn’t come cheap, which is why graduate students carry nearly half of all student debt. But it turns out that a […]