Real Estate Is Latest Target for Would-Be Disrupters – WSJ

A real-estate startup called Compass Inc. has hired hundreds of sales agents away from older rivals, collected $225 million from marquee investors and amassed a valuation of over $1 billion, all with the pitch that its software can make brokers more efficient. Real-estate veterans say they’re baffled by how the four-year-old firm, active in only […]

Are consumers taking on too much credit card debt?

Citibank reported holding $175.6 billion in consumer credit in its 2016 Q2 earnings. – Justin Sullivan/Getty Images U.S. banks are lending to consumers at the fastest rate since 2007 and the increasing debt is causing concern given the slowing economy, the Financial Times (subscription required) reported this week. Lenders issued $18 billion in debt debt for card loans […]

Who’s getting rich off your student debt? | Reveal

Section 1 of 3          [00:00:00 – 00:14:05] (NOTE: speaker names may be different in each section) Al Letson: From the center of investigative reporting in PRX, this is revealed an outlet. Jessie: This is considered the northeast, Mayfair section actually, it’s nice and-[crosstalk 00:00:18] Al Letson: Jessie Suren is a 28 year old college grad. […]