Radio: The return of “Serial” | The Economist

HOW do you follow up on a phenomenon? At the end of its first series “Serial”, presented by Sarah Koenig and affiliated to “This American Life”, had become the most popular podcast in the world. It was the first to reach 5m downloads from iTunes, and each episode reached about 2.2m pairs of ears. The […]

Human Spectacle 2015 | This American Life

Producer Stephanie Foo speaks to Nasubi, a Japanese comedian who, in the 90s, just wanted a little bit of fame. So he was thrilled when he won an opportunity to have his own segment on a Japanese reality TV show. Until he found out the premise: he had to sit in an empty apartment with […]

Should Journalism Be Objective? Serial: Part 2 | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios – YouTube Tweet us! Idea Channel Facebook! Talk about this episode on reddit! Idea Channel IRC! Email us! pbsideachannel [at] gmail [dot] com Welcome to PART DEUX of our discussion of “Serial”, the insanely popular podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. Last week we discussed objectivity in the law, and this week we’re […]

Exclusive: Potential Alibi Witness for Convicted Murderer in ‘Serial’ Breaks Silence With New Affidavit |

The former classmate of Adnan Syed’s who could hold the key to unraveling his conviction in the murder of Hae Min Lee has written a new affidavit reasserting that she was with Syed at the exact time the state argued that he killed his ex-girlfriend in 1999, and alleging that… Exclusive: Potential Alibi Witness for Convicted […]